Hello! My name is Shino Iwamura, I live in Osaka and I am Japanese.

Ever since I was a child, my biggest dream was to be a mangaka (a manga illustrator). After high school, I graduated from a major university of art in Kyoto.

After graduation, I lived in Europe for about 10 years, including many years in Milan, Italy. This is the city where I graduated from the Conservatory of Music and where I worked over three years in a symphony orchestra as a violinist.

After my experience in Europe, I decided to go back to Japan and turn my art into a business, designing and selling my lamps online, all over the world.

All my designs are related to Japanese culture and I think my products are likely to appeal to lovers of Japan and its ancient culture.

The lamps are completely handmade. They are unique artisanal products made with care.

I use high quality materials and I guarantee that with my professional means of production, the products will maintain their original quality and design.

The greatest satisfaction of doing this job is knowing that there are people around the world who purchase my lamps from places that I will probably never visit.

Thank you for visiting my online store and I sincerely hope that you purchase one of my lamps ...
... and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me (^_^)

 *** Shino Iwamura しの岩村